Our Philosophy

Your child, any child, is a gift from Allah the Almighty. The first three years of a child’s life is very important. It is during these three years as the child grows from an infant to become a toddler that the basic foundation for the later development of the child is laid.

"A baby is born pure and clean like a piece of white cloth and it is the parent who will make him a Jew a Christian or a sun worshipper" Hadith Nabawi

It is you, as PARENTS who have nourished, clothed, cuddled, cosseted, hugged, kissed and loved the child. And it is you, as PARENTS who have given the child the stimulus and the confidence to move on to the next stage of development.

The pre-school years ages ranging from 4 years to 6 years is the next developmental stage. The child is being prepared for the day when he/she enters the big, formal institution of a primary school. This is the stage when the child is placed in TADIKA QASRINA.