Our Curriculum

has a team of trained, experienced and dedicated child developers. At TADIKA QASRINA we have an integrated program that emphasis on:

1. Physical Development

  • the development of large motor skills
  • the development of fine motor skills

2. Language Development

  • using two languages simultaneously
  • English as the medium of instruction
  • Cahayaku reading method
  • Phonic and Sunshine Ladybird reading program

3. Developing Mathematical Skills

4. Intellectual Development and Developing Memory Abilities

5. Social and Emotional Development

6. Spiritual and Moral Development

  • implementing Khalifah Allah Program
  • develops strong faith in Allah
  • understands concept of being good to others, parents, sibling, older people and friends
  • children are encouraged to follow the exemplary character of the Prophet Muhammad s.a .w.
  • children are read short hadiths and stories from the Quran
  • recognition of alphabets of the Quran
  • practising the Solah

7. Creativity and Estethic Development

  • art & craft - painting
  • music - singing, dancing, body movement, role play, drama, poems and rhymes
  • express creativity and imagination